A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Sleepwear

High-quality Sleepwear

With a reputation for designing luxuriously detailed sleepwear, loungewear and leisure wear, our Papinelle pyjamas are made to be worn and loved from season-to-season. We are equally committed to the quality and aesthetic of each Papinelle sleepwear piece, carefully hand-picking and sourcing fabrications that are of the highest of quality, are ethically-derived and compliment our sustainably-minded brand identity. With the right care, our cotton nightgowns, modal PJ sets & silk sleepwear are made to last.

A closer look at our sought-after organic cottons & ethical modals. 

modal collection

If ‘easy to wear, easy to wash’ is your motto you’ll love our Modal PJ collection that will last a lifetime being machine washed and tumble dried. Lenzing Modal is a super durable fabric that can withstand higher temperatures and comes out of the dryer as soft as the day you bought it.

organic cotton collection

Organic Cottons are a little more sensitive to heat and can shrink in a hot dryer but do tend to regain some of that during wear (think of your jeans when they come out of the wash). While we recommend staying away from the tumble dryer with our organic cotton sleepwear however you can use a gentle machine wash cycle that will ensure the material stays soft and doesn’t shrink.

A finer look at silks

washable silk collection

Our dedication to fuss-free luxury is highlighted in our new-age washable silks range. Traditionally exclusively hand-wash only, our Papinelle team of designers have pushed the boundaries of silk care with our beautifully designed collection of washable silk sleepwear. 

An important factor in ensuring the longevity and quality of your washable silk pajamas is the use of a delicate laundry bag. Designed to minimize the chances of pulls and tears, this essential laundry piece is highly-recommended and encouraged for washing our silk sleepwear and accessories. 

A little extra TLC and the use of a delicate laundry bag is not exclusive to lingerie and silks. We welcome you to wash your cotton-silk blended PJ sets, organic cotton pajamas, and lace nightgowns in these bags.

For more information on how to look after your sleepwear, feel free to contact one of our Papinelle team members on info@papinelle.com. We hope you continue to enjoy the high-quality and luxurious edits of your beautifully designed Papinelle pajamas.