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Eliza Cracknell - editor


At the beginning of lockdown in Australia in April 2020, the Papinelle team spoke to Eliza Cracknell, editor of, to check in and see how she was adapting to her "new normal"


Can you take us through your morning routine? Has it changed?

I normally leave for work around 5.30am so rarely get to spend time with my two boys in the morning. I love that I now get to see them before they head off to daycare. The mornings are absolute madness as I try to work and try to get them fed and dressed. But there is something beautiful in all the chaos. When I look back on the pandemic in decades time I hope I remember all the extra time I got to spend with my boys.


Can you take us through your wellness routine?

Each morning I roll out my yoga mat and do a Virtual Lean Bean Workout. I love the variety one day it could be a barre class the next tabata. When things get really overwhelming, I try to go for a walk. I've also been trying really hard to make healthy meals during the day. My go to is a tuna, jalapeno salad.

What have you been listening to?

I normally listen to podcasts and audio books on my commute, but because I haven't been commuting I actually haven't been listening to much. My husband loves listening to Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen while he works (very random combo) so I guess I'm listening to them by proxy. 

What are you currently reading?

I just finished American Dirt, which was incredibly powerful. I also couldn't put down the new whimn book bar recommendation The Prettiest Horse In The Glue Factory by Corey White - it's heartbreaking and beautiful and shines a much needed light on foster kids.

Anything you have been watching that you would recommend? 

Tiger King, Love Is Blind, The Stranger and I can't wait to get into Unorthodox!

Are you working out, and do you have any tips or recommendations? 

I have started Lean Bean Workouts, and also just signed up to Les Mills so can't wait to do Body Attack in my living room!


Do you have any suggestions on keeping a calm mind, juggling all of our lives' roles in the one place - our own home?

Communication and connection! Make sure you have regular virtual 'date' with friends and family. Exercise and my kids have also been my saving grace. My boys are 1 and 3, so have no idea what's happening and they are also super demanding so are the ultimate distraction. I'll spend the day baking, biking riding and doing arts and crafts with them, which I'm finding has been the best remedy to calm my worry and boost my mental health.



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