How To Care For Your Beautiful New Silks

How To Care For Your Beautiful New Silks

If you’re looking to treat yourself to lustrous, delicately sensual and innately flattering sleepwear or quietly seductive ready to wear fashion, silk garments are most likely one of the first to come to mind. Not many fabrics compare with fine silks thanks to their premium and softly draped look and feel.

Buying high-end garments and accessories for good reason come with a high-quality requirement. The expectation is that our sumptuous silks last; we expect the shape, colour and fabric quality to maintain. This is where how your care for your silks comes to play. To retain the high-end nature of your chosen pieces, you’ll need to apply a little more attention to your silks. That means, washing
silk requires a little more thought than throwing your silk pyjamas, dresses, bed sheets and more in the machine.

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So, how should you wash silk? Here’s our little cheat sheet.

Can you hand wash silk?

All silks can be hand washed in cold water with a delicate laundry detergent. Most silks can also be dry cleaned, but that adds up. Simply, care instructions for silks labelled 'hand wash’ should be washed as such. Make sure to rinse your silk sleepwear and other garments and accessories after washing them by hand.

Can you machine wash silk?

Before you wash your silks in a machine, make sure to check the garment for cold machine wash care instructions. Like all delicates, opting for the incorrect washing method can lead to change of colour and shape and can damage the quality of your silk pjs, clothing, accessories snd more. Our Papinelle Sleepwear silks are an example of high-quality machine washable silk garments and
accessories. To maintain the quality of your machine washable silks, make sure to use a delicates laundry bag, delicate laundry detergent and a cold gentle cycle. We designed our machine washable silks range to remove the fuss from the “how to care for silks” category.

What silk washing detergent to use?

We recommend using gentle detergents only for our washable silk sleepwear. Silk washing detergent Australia wide is continuing to gain popularity thanks to a wide range of brands introducing specific delicate washing products. You don’t need to use silk specific detergent. Stay away from heavy duty soaps; The more delicate the better. Make sure you’re continuously washing silk items in a delicates laundry bag. We always recommend using a mesh laundry bag for all fine apparel and accessories to get the most out of your hand-picked items. Laundry bags help avoid damage, bringing a timeless edit to your Papinelle silk pyjamas, separates, sets, pillow cases and more.

Can you iron silk?

Like machine washing silk, if you are going to iron your silks it is important to use a low heat setting. The how to iron silk process is all about focusing on one area of the fabric at a time. Make sure to use a press cloth when ironing silks, keep them a little damp and inside out. 

Why cold machine and hand wash only?

If you’re hand washing or machine washing your silks, the same rule applies. Only use cold water. Silk will fade with wear and wash as it is a natural material, however hot water is known to add discolouring to this premium weave.

How to dry silks?

Make sure to dry your silks in the shade to avoid staining from natural sunlight. Tumble drying is not recommended. For all other silks questions, feel free to chat to our friendly Papinelle team.

Explore our range of machine washable silk pyjamas and accessories online and in store. Our intricately detailed Papinelle silks feature high-style fits, colour palettes and silhouettes that can be worn to sleep or as a modern take on versatile high-end ready to wear aesthetics.

Happy silk shopping.