The Most Sustainable Sleepwear Staple You Need This Season

Searching for the most sustainable sleep and loungewear fabric this season? Look no further than Papinelle’s beautiful new Resort Linen Sleepwear Collection. Sustainable, natural and breathable, linen is scientifically proven to be the fabric of choice for staying stylish in the heat. With its high moisture absorption and relative stiffness, linen not only absorbs sweat but its stiffness makes it detached from skin, creating spaces between the body and clothing for the perfect amount of ventilation. And because linen doesn’t lose its shape, it allows skin to breathe, meaning that pieces can be worn more between washes - saving on both water and energy.

Used since ancient times, linen is one of the oldest clothing materials as well as one of the most sustainable fabrics to manufacture, making it a rare gem in today’s fast-fashion culture. It is also one of the most biodegradable fashion fabrics available. Every part of the flax plant that linen is made from can be used, so nothing is wasted. Flax is also an incredibly resilient plant that is able to grow in poor soil, with far lower water consumption than cotton. However, even with all these attributes, linen makes up only one per cent of the world’s apparel fibre consumption.

With a focus on sustainability and natural fabrics,  Papinelle hopes to change that! Enter our first Resort Linen Sleepwear Collection; a beautifully curated selection of the softest  womens robes, nightshirts, natural linen tees, cami boxer sets and beautiful separates perfect for bed, around the home and even when channelling Gwyneth Paltrow, Talented Mr Ripley style at the beach. Shop this latest collection - with other beautiful natural fibre sleepwear styles -  now  online for the most sustainable linen sleepwear and loungewear staples this season.

Resort Linen Gwyneth Paltrow-style in The Talented Mr Ripley


P.s ... Your beautiful new Resort Linen will love you if you follow these simple care instructions:

  1. Use the right detergent. Choose a gentle liquid detergent to remove perspiration, oils and stains while cleaning and preserving the natural fabric.
  2.  Be sure to select a gentle cold or warm water cycle (maximum 40 degrees) - this is usually called a ‘delicate’ cycle.
  3. Line dry in the shade and do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods.