Modal PJs - Sleep in the Softest Cloud of Bliss


Sleep in the Softest Cloud of Bliss with Our All-New Modal PJs

Your go-to pajamas for year-long dreamy nights and slow mornings

Seeing you through balmy summers and chilly winters, Papinelle’s best-loved modal PJs are so luxuriously soft, it’s almost like being draped in a cloud. From late night pillow talk to lazy weekend mornings, our modal PJs are your gentle reminder to embrace the slow life.

Falling in all the right places, they’re cool to the touch and silky-soft, perfect for dreaming and lounging in. With a beautiful range of silhouettes, including full length pajama sets, boxer sets, nightgowns and robes, you’ll have versatile options for every date you have with your bed. Rotate through your favorites, and you’ll be enjoying your best night’s sleep all year round.

Amazingly soft and breathable, just how your pajamas should be

Made for you, approved by Mother Earth, modal is a high-quality botanic fibre crafted from composed beech wood. The water and solvent that’s used to transform the wood into fibre is recycled for re-use at a 99% recovery rate! This means that the behind-the-scenes magic has low-environmental impact, with the resulting fibres being completely biodegradable and compostable.

Naturally breathable and lightweight, your modal PJs are designed for natural thermal regulation, keeping you wonderfully cosy no matter the weather – your year-long, beauty sleep staple.

Modal is also an impressively durable fabric, making your new PJ wardrobe worth every penny. Resistant to the dreaded shrinkage, pilling and fading, your Papinelle pajamas will look good as new even after several washes.

Papinelle’s modal pajamas collection promises feel-good TLC, inside and out.

Your favorite PJs for elevated bedtime looks

With every new season and collection, we release our modal PJs in new colors, prints and designs, so you can stay on trend. Soft florals, sailor stripes, playful spots or simple neutrals, there’s a pajama for every dreamer. Piping adds a classic touch, elevating your bedtime look.

Elegantly slouchy, whisper-soft on the skin, it’s a touch of self-indulgence for your everyday. Getting out of bed may be a bit of a struggle, but trust us, once you’re hooked on the Papinelle modal PJ life, you’ll be coaxing your mom and bestie to experience the bliss too – sharing is caring!

 Papinelle’s everlasting, best-selling collection, our modal PJs make updating your pajamas wardrobe a breeze. So soft, it’s barely there.