World Sleep Day - A Pajama-Approved Reminder

Celebrating the 19th of March with our top pajama-friendly tips

As a sleepwear brand, there’s no question that the team at Papinelle Sleepwear love the ritual of relaxation. So, we’re excited that World Sleep Day is just around the corner – March 19, 2021 – reminding us to put self-care first. A celebration of sleep and its importance for achieving a higher quality of life and improve global health, this year’s slogan is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’.

Whether you’re a busy professional, doting mom or everyday go-getter, studies have shown that consistent bedtimes and rise times are associated with better sleep quality. And with regular sleep, you’ll experience better mood, psychomotor performance and academic achievement. And we think that sounds like a dream! 

In recognition of World Sleep Day 2021, we’ve put together our all-time favorite tips and tricks for catching up on your beauty sleep.

7 ways to enjoy the best night's sleep

1. Go to bed and get up at consistent times

Aligning with glorious sunrises and sunsets, your body’s natural circadian rhythm functions on a set loop. Rather than keeping your sleep cycle guessing, exercising consistency with your bed and rising times can lead to better sleep quality in the long-term. Once it becomes a habit, you might not even need an alarm!

2. Use dream-worthy bedding

Ever wondered why you always sleep so well in a hotel? You can thank the high-quality mattress, pillows and bedding for that. While the amount of support is up to your personal preference, plush, comfortable bedding can enhance your beauty sleep and reduce overnight back aches.

For an extra luxe touch, silk pillowcases are gentle on your skin and hair, preventing accidental tugging and breakage. Plus, you won’t have to deal with sleep wrinkles in the morning!

3. Keep it as dark as possible

Distracting noises and bright lights can impact the quality of your sleep. By keeping it as dark and quiet as possible, you’re allowing yourself to fully switch off and sink into a good night’s sleep. If there’s external noise and lights that you can’t control, try sleeping with earplugs and an eye mask.

4. Find a cozy temperature (and PJs)

Whether it’s too warm during the summer months or too chilly through the winter nights, it’s important to set a room temperature that’s comfortable and conducive to sleep. Our modal PJs are temperature regulating pyjamas, adapting to your body’s natural temperature. Designed for year-round wear, they’re must-haves for keeping cozy.

The softest PJ's ever! Made from Modal fabric: a super soft and breathable botanic fibre.

5. Get your glow on during the day

We all know how important daily exercise is for your overall health and wellbeing. Getting your adrenaline and endorphin-pumping fix can lead to better sleep, so put some time aside for you and go for a walk with your girlfriend or hit the gym.

6. Getting late? Limit the lattes

Giving you a boost of energy and focus during the day, everyone loves a good hit of caffeine. But be sure to limit your caffeine intake, or curb it altogether, later in the day due to its stimulation effects. If you’re craving a hot cup of coffee or tea, go for a decaffeinated option or herbal calming tea instead.

7. Relax and clear your mind

As it draws closer to bedtime, use the final hours to indulge in a spot of much-needed “me time”. Allowing your mind to clear and unwind from the day’s events, you can take a relaxing bath, meditate, listen to soothing music and/or catch up on some reading. Take the time to try out various relaxation techniques to find the one that’s best for you.

Let's catch you up on your beauty sleep

All sleeping tips aside, remember that the key is consistency. Healthy habits will deliver lifelong benefits, and remember, you never need a reason to indulge in self-care.

With that in mind, we’ve collated our most-loved products for the best night’s sleep of your life. Have a peek at The Sleep Edit, we hope you find some gorgeous goodies to enhance your beauty sleep.